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What a Full Auto Detail Should Include in 2022

May 20, 2022

Detailing your car used to be a luxury reserved for the wealthy.  But now, thanks to modern tools and products, complete interior and exterior detailing services are available to the everyday driver.  Professional detailers have the skill and equipment required to clean and protect your vehicle effectively and efficiently.  This makes the process more affordable for everyone.  But not all detailing services are created equal.  If the past few years have taught us anything, a clean and sanitized car is just as important as cleaning your home when it comes to protecting your family.  We take with us where we have been wherever we go.  And most of the time, how we get to where we are going is in our car.

If you want to make sure your car isn't just clean and shiny but also sanitized and protected, here are some of the essential services you should ensure are included when you schedule your next auto detailing.

Let's start on the outside.  A pro detailer will always begin with a thorough cleaning of the exterior.  This includes a hand wash, claying to remove any bonded contaminants, and waxing or sealing your paint.  They will also clean and dress all of the tires and trim.  That's all pretty standard stuff.  But what about the things you touch every day?  Door handles, trunk buttons … what about your keys?  These should have attention paid to them and, thanks to modern products and tools, can also be sanitized without destroying finishes or removing other protectants.

It should go without saying that your car's interior should be given the same attention as the exterior.  There are many detailers out there that focus on paint and outward appearance, and that's great if that is all you are looking for.  But all the pros know that inside your car is where you spend most of your time.  And to have happy and healthy travels, the interior needs extra TLC in the modern world.

All your interior surfaces should be cleaned, everything from your headliner to the floor, including the dash, console, door panels, and upholstery.  Any spills or stains should be removed, and all carpets should be shampooed.  A pro detailer will also steam or chemically sanitize all touched surfaces to kill bacteria and viruses. 

New products are available that provide long-term protection from germs and bacteria.  These products can be applied to all of the surfaces in your car, including the door handles, steering wheel, and gear shift.  Including these essential services in a full detail can save time and money in the long run.  And most importantly, you can rest assured knowing your car is clean and sanitized.

So there you have it.  A modern full auto detail should include a thorough exterior and interior cleaning and sanitizing of all high-touch surfaces.  Look for a detailer who uses the latest products and tools to get the job done correctly.  Your car will thank you for it.

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