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What's In Your Driver's Seat?

June 24, 2022

The disgusting truth is, in the driver’s seat of your vehicle lays a little bit of everything you have ever touched, sat on, and anything your legs or pants have come in contact with at any point of the day before getting behind the wheel.


Like all seats in your vehicle, a driver's seat is designed for comfort.  Comfort for the majority of car manufacturers means cushioning.  Cushioning in most vehicles is a porous foam that allows air to flow through, keeping your bottom cool and comfortable but also allows dirt and liquids to flow down and sink in.   


When cleaning your seat, it is important that more than the surface is cleaned.  A hot water extractor should be used to properly purge and remove the layers of dirt that have built up in your cushion.  If you’re doing it yourself, try the Bissell pro heat machines.  It’s a small machine and costs just over $100.  The best part is it works really well for your house stairs, couches, and other small areas where stains may occur.  When choosing a detailer, ensure that hot water extraction is part of their process when cleaning your interior.

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